Compounding Pharmacy Tampa Creates Custom Medications

July 5, 2013

Pharmaceutical compounding is usually used to create a pharmaceutical product that is specifically designed for the unique needs of a patient. The art of preparing such custom medications is based on the techniques used in the ancient civilizations. This kind of preparations has benefitted individuals from every walk of life.

Today, the compounded prescriptions are made to treat a variety of problems like:

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Pain Management
Thyroid Dysfunction
Wound Care
Veterinary Medicine
Sports Medicine
Palliative Care

Compounding Pharmacy Tampa has the necessary equipments, skills and experience to cater to different needs. They ensure that the patients get just what was ordered by the doctor.

Pain Management:

An important aspect of pain management is to focus mainly on symptoms associated with it rather than looking for ways to quickly fix it. Pain Management usually comprises of various techniques, which has to be combined over time to get the required benefits. This kind of treatment approach includes lifestyle changes and pharmacological interventions as well. Like other diseases, chronic pain needs a long-term healing approach that includes medications in combination with behavioral changes. This helps to keep the symptoms under check.

Hormone Replacement (HRT)

Our bodies will...

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